How Much Exercise Do You Need?

Getting into an exercise routine is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Achieving a good fitness level can make you feel better, prevent disease, and give you more energy.  But how much exercise do you really need?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, adults need 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise like a brisk walk (or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise like running) and 2 muscle strengthening workouts that work the major muscle groups, such as weight lifting exercises, each week. You already know that there are benefits of walking, running, or building your muscles. Now the trick is to get enough of this exercise into your week.

If 150 minutes sounds like a lot, don’t worry.  The CDC guidelines indicate that workouts as short as 10 minutes count, so you can fit in a short walk in the morning, at lunch, and after dinner to get your 30 minutes in a given day if you want to. You don’t need a huge block of time to make this worth it, so you don’t get to use that as an excuse.

There are exceptions to the recommended workout time for certain groups of people.  For children the guideline is simply 60 minutes of physical activity per day, mostly from aerobic activity.  Let’s face it, they are pretty active already, but a good hour or movement is important for them. For women who are pregnant or have just delivered, the 2 muscle strengthening workouts are not suggested but the 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise remains.

Now that you know what you need to do for a healthy lifestyle, get out your workout calendar and plan your week ahead. Remember, get 150 minutes of moderate exercise and 2 strength workouts per week in intervals of at least 10 minutes at a time. That is how much exercise you need.

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