The Top 10 Common Fruits High in Fiber

To get more fiber in your diet, check out the top 10 common fruits high in fiber.

Importance of Fiber

Fiber is an important part of your diet because it helps greatly in the digestion process and keeps you from getting constipated. It can also help to lower cholesterol, aid in weight loss, and even regulate your blood sugar level. Most people do not get enough fiber in their diet and would do well to step it up a notch.

Where To Find Fiber

Fiber is found in plants. You won’t find it in animal products like meat and it is found only in very low levels in highly processed foods – just check the label. The best sources tend to be in all sorts of beans or legumes and grains, but let’s say you want your fiber to taste sweet and delicious.

Now we’re talking about fruits.

The Common High Fiber Fruits

To increase your fiber intake, one of the easiest things you can do is add a snack or side dish to your daily meal plan that includes fruit. You won’t feel like you’re eating healthy, but your fiber levels will go up. Here is a good list for you to know. This list includes only fairly common fresh or dried fruits. It avoids canned fruit and frozen fruit since they may contain added sugar. Here are some of the fruits highest in fiber according to the USDA Nutrient Data Library.

  1. Raspberries, raw – 8 grams per cup
  2. Prunes – 7.7 grams per cup
  3. Blackberries, raw – 7.6 grams per cup
  4. Raisins – 5.4 grams per cup
  5. Pears, raw – 5.1 grams per pear
  6. Blueberries, raw – 3.5 grams per cup
  7. Strawberries, raw – 3.3 grams per cup
  8. Apples, raw – 3.3 grams per apple
  9. Oranges, raw – 3.1 grams per orange
  10. Bananas, raw – 3.1 grams per banana

As you can see, berries and dried fruits are good things to look at beyond your typical apple, banana, or orange, and the pear is the star of the handheld fruit crowd.  Try to mix more berries into your diet.  They are delicious and can be added to everything from breakfast cereal or oatmeal to yogurt to salads.

What Have We Learned?

Fiber is an important factor in your digestion process and most people need to get more fiber into their diet. Fruits high in fiber include berries, dried fruits, and common fruits. Add berries to your cereal, yogurt, or salad to increase your fiber.

You don’t have to buy costly or fancy fruits to ramp up the fiber. You can just stick with these top 10 common fruits high in fiber.

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