The Benefits Of Walking

The benefits of walking are many. You don’t have to run, swim, or bike to enjoy a healthy workout. A simple walking routine can help you get the exercise you need and offer many of the same benefits.

If you have not started an exercise program because you feel you are not in good enough shape to do anything, you are dreading an activity that is too physical, or you are afraid to go to the gym, why not start with walking? It is simple enough for most people, can be done in your own home on a treadmill, around your neighborhood or a nearby trail, and the health benefits of walking are well worth it.

So what are the benefits of walking?

Walking is Good For You! 

This is a big one. Walking can improve your cholesterol, make you feel more energetic, help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, and make you stronger. You won’t burn as many calories or get the same cardiovascular workout that you would if your heart rate was higher, but there are a lot of healthy benefits of walking that make it well worth it. In fact, you can stay in your target heart rate with a brisk and sustained walk.

Low Impact Exercise

Walking is a low impact activity. Many people who have trouble with resistance training or higher impact exercises like running can get through a walking routine just fine. You can set the pace that is right for you and walk as long as you like.

Inexpensive Workout

You don’t need a gym membership to get the benefits of walking.  You just need a comfortable pair of shoes and a place to walk. If a walk around your neighborhood is not possible, check out the local high school.  They might allow walkers to use the track. If you want to add a gadget a simple pedometer will give you some feedback on your walk for a very small price.

The Social Aspect

You can walk and talk, so bring along your spouse, kids, friend, or neighbor and have a walk together. Other great options are the baby in a stroller or the family dog, who will both always be up for a walk. In fact, a stroller can be a great place to put your water bottle, so use it to your advantage.

Activity For All Ages

Walking is an activity that all ages can do, from the littlest walkers to senior citizens.

Get Walking Now!

For best results, get a good pair of walking shoes, wear comfortable clothing, don’t forget to stretch, drink plenty of water, and walk at a brisk pace.

Remember, walking is a good option for beginners, seniors, and even those with a baby or a dog. Walking is good for you and the many health benefits of walking include lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Walking is inexpensive and accessible so you can start getting all of the benefits of walking today.

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