The Best Time To Work Out

What is the best time to work out to get the maximum benefit from your hard work?  Is there a particular time of day that produces the best results?  These are questions many people face when trying to pick the best time to work out.

Consider these questions when trying to determine your best workout time.

When do you have energy?

The fact is some people are morning people and some people are night owls.  Others fall somewhere in between.  This is the time of day that you feel the most energetic.  If you find it easy to get up in the morning and jump out of bed, a morning workout might be perfect for you.  If you dread the morning but find it hard to get yourself to bed every night because you are full of energy, you might be a night owl and a night workout might be your thing.  Still others might find that mid-day is when they have the most energy just after their morning coffee has kicked in, so a mid-day workout is just the ticket.

Morning vs. Night Workouts

Morning workouts are great because you can get your workout done before your day turns hectic and other things demand your attention.  It’s great knowing all day that you’ve accomplished your workout.  A morning workout can also give you energy that lasts throughout the morning, making you more productive.  However, morning workouts can be unproductive if you are forcing yourself to get out of bed at an unnatural time.

An evening workout can be a great way to unwind and relieve stress after a long day.  It is a great time to watch your favorite show while working out on the cardio machine.  A nighttime workout can take your mind off the events of the day, freeing your mind.  However, evening workouts can keep some people from getting a good night’s sleep since it heats up the body and gives a person energy.

So what is the best time to work out?

The best time to work out depends on you and is the time that you have the energy to work out and the will stick with your workout.  A calorie burned is a calorie burned.  It doesn’t matter what time of day you burned it.  The important thing is that you get the exercise you need, so pick the time that energizes you and stick with it.

Lessons Learned:

  • there is no magic time of day that is best for working out
  • you should pick the time of day that you feel the most energetic to get the best workout
  • you should also pick the time of day that you can stick with

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