Body Weight Exercises: Workout With No Equipment

Sometimes you need to get a workout in with no equipment on hand like when you’re staying in a hotel.  There is no reason you can’t continue to work your muscles and your heart with bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight exercises are all as demanding as working with weights and can be done with no equipment whatsoever, making it an inexpensive workout as well.  Here are 4 great bodyweight exercises that you can do to get a total body workout when you can’t get to the gym.


Pushups are among the best bodyweight exercises you can do for your upper body and will work everything from your arms to your core.  A good pushup is one with your hands just outside of your shoulders and where you keep your back straight.  If you can’t do a normal pushup try it on your knees instead.  Variations include the incline pushup (easier) or decline pushup (harder). 

Squat Thrusts

Squat Thrusts will use your entire body and get you to your target heart rate.  To do squat thrusts, start from a standing position and squat until your hands touch the ground.  Next, put your body weight on your hands and extend your feet backwards until you are nearly in a pushup position.  Now return to the squat position, then stand up.  Repeat.  Try a set of these in your next bodyweight workout and you will be adding a major calorie burner.


The lunge is one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do to work the lower body.  To do a lunge, start from a standing position and then take a step with one leg without moving the other foot until you have bent both knees at nearly a 90 degree angle, but don’t let them touch the ground.  Then, return to your starting position and alternate legs.  Variations include forward lunges (stepping forward) and backward lunges (stepping backwards). 

Mountain Climbers

Another major cardio move is the mountain climber.  This will work your core and also involves most of your body.  To do a mountain climber, start from a pushup position and then move one leg forward until your knee is near your chest.  From here, switch feet in one motion by jumping up and moving your back foot under your chest as the foot under your chest moves back.  Continue this “bicycle” motion back and forth for a huge calorie burn.

By alternating these four bodyweight exercises you will get both a serious cardio and muscle workout all at the same time, and with no equipment except for your own body.

Lessons Learned:

  • you can get a great workout with no equipment by using your bodyweight
  • a combination of strength and cardio moves will give you a total body workout
  • pushups and lunges will work your major muscle groups
  • squat thrusts and mountain climbers will give you a great cardio workout

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