Get Your Free Vitamin D From Sunlight

Vitamin D from sunlight means that there’s a sale on vitamin D – 100% off!  Getting vitamin D from sunlight is one of the easiest vitamins that you can get for free.

But why do we need vitamin D?  The main reason is because it helps our bodies to absorb calcium, which is important for strong bones.  Other possible health benefits include prevention of osteoporosis in adults and rickets in children. It also may lower the risk of diabetes, some cancers, or depression.

Vitamin D is commonly found in dairy, especially milk, which is fortified with vitamin D.  There are foods that are good natural sources of vitamin D but not many.  Fatty fish like salmon, halibut or tuna are good sources.  If you want vitamin D from plants it’s not easy.  Mushrooms are one of the better sources, but you’d have to eat a heap of them to get enough vitamin D.

To account for the fact that vitamin D is not present in many natural foods, food manufacturers have been fortifying things like breakfast cereals and dairy products with vitamin D for years.  But there is a better way.  Just get a little sun.

In fact, the type of vitamin D that your body makes from the sun is different than the type found in most other natural sources.  It could be that this is how nature intended it.  Of course, there is a balancing act here.  You know that too much sunlight is not good for you either, so laying out in the sun for hours is not the way to get your vitamin D.

As little as 10-15 minutes of sunlight a few times per week may be enough for your body to produce the current recommended amount of vitamin D.  And that’s all free!  All you have to do is enjoy yourself outside or read a book in a sunny spot and you’ve taking your vitamin. Better yet, why not combine the benefits of walking with some sun? You’ll get exercise and vitamin D at the same time.

As with any vitamin, don’t overdo it.  Excessive amounts of vitamin D can increase your chance of kidney stones, for one thing.  There is good news for sun lovers, however, as it seems your body will regulate the production of vitamin D from sunlight so you do not produce too much.  The concern of getting too much vitamin D is usually reserved for people who are taking vitamin D supplements and is a rare from just a normal diet and sunlight, so go get some sun.

When sun is not an option, focusing on dietary means to get vitamin D may be needed. Part of the battle to stay healthy during winter is to make sure you get the needed vitamins in winter that you get more naturally during summer, and vitamin D is no exception.

Remember, vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium and may prevent other diseases. Vitamin D is naturally found in things like fatty fish but is rare in plants, and just 10-15 minutes of sunlight a few times per week can supply the vitamin D our bodies need. It’s true. You can get your free vitamin D from sunlight if you try.

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