How To Eat Less By Using a Plate

If you are trying to lose weight, there is a good method you can use to eat less that you may not have considered, and it has nothing to do with what you eat, how much you exercise or what type of exercise you do, or how much sleep you get.

One of the easiest ways to eat less is by using a different plate.

The average set of dishes comes with plates in three sizes.  You have the dinner plate, the salad plate (likely half the size of the dinner plate), and the tea cup plate.  Also, your dishes might include two sets of bowls, a large bowl and a fruit or dessert bowl.

Most people use the dinner plate and the large bowl for the majority of their meals.  It just makes sense, right?  After all, that’s the dinner plate and bowl.  Here’s the problem.  You’re trying to lose weight and eat less.  If you grab a big plate you will dish up a big portion.  Why?  Because a 1/2 full dinner plate does not look right to your eyes.  That same amount of food on your salad plate will use the entire plate.

It is widely believed that it takes up to 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you are full when you eat a meal.  Anyone who has left the table feeling OK and had a stomach ache 10 minutes later knows this to be true.  What that means is that it is real easy to overeat.  If you don’t judge your meal by its size you are in trouble.  You can’t depend on your stomach to tell you when you’ve had enough.

Here’s the plan to eat less.  Use your dinner plates only when you must.  Make your salad plate your normal plate.  You will be able to fill that plate with more than enough food to satiate you.  Your brain just won’t know it for a while.  While you’re at it do the same for your bowls.  That big bowl can be reserved for a big salad or healthy soup, but when it comes time to have some ice cream, use the little one every time.

Lessons Learned:

  • use your salad plate and fruit bowl as the standard dishes to eat less
  • your brain needs 20 minutes to know you are full, so you can’t count on it to tell you when you’re full

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