Relieve Stress With Exercise

If you are feeling a bit stressed out lately, perhaps it’s time for some exercise.  Exercise is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress.  You can also get or stay fit while you’re at it.  There are a few reasons that exercise reduces stress levels.

Exercise Relieves Your Mind

When you exercise, whether it’s a walk or run or game of basketball, you tend to forget about what was stressing you out, at least for a while.  Your brain is now focused on the task at hand – your workout.  Instead of sitting in a chair stressed about your day, you are now thinking about your next move on the court or completing your run.  This will set your mind free and reduce your stress.

Exercise Increases Your Confidence

When you exercise you become more confident in your appearance and your abilities.  Feeling uncomfortable with your own body image can be very stressful for people, and improving that through exercise makes a big difference.  Whether you go from 50 pounds overweight to 40, or from skinny to toned, you will feel better about your appearance.  With each athletic accomplishment, weather it be getting better at a sport or running a 5k, you will also gain confidence in your ability to achieve what you set out to do, increasing your confidence and reducing stress. 

Exercise Makes You Feel Good

When you exercise your body produces more endorphins which make you feel good.  The “runner’s high” that you may have heard of is caused by endorphins being released due to extended or physical exercise.  What’s more, that feeling can last for several hours after your workout.  Regular exercise makes you feel more energetic throughout they day.  Furthermore, people who exercise sleep better than those who don’t and a good night’s sleep is important for reducing stress levels.

The next time you find yourself stressed out or full of anxiety, find a way to work out.  Know how much exercise you need to be healthy and get that much work in each week, especially at times when you are feeling stressed. You will end up freeing your mind, increasing your energy and confidence, and feeling better.  All of these will reduce your stress – at least until your next workout.

Lessons Learned:

  • exercise is a great remedy for stress
  • exercise takes your mind off of your problems
  • exercise increases your confidence and energy
  • exercise makes you feel good and that feeling lasts after your workout

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