To Lose Weight, Watch Your Portion Size

Have you noticed how big some portion sizes are at the local restaurant?  If you are trying to lose weight it will be very hard to do if you eat out and think that the portion you are served is normal.  It is not.

Portion size in restaurants has gotten bigger over the years.  It is more important than ever for you to be aware of what you are ordering and how much of what you ordered you are eating.  You might be surprised at how many calories are on your plate.

In addition to calories, many prepared foods are restaurants are made to taste good, not to be healthy.  That means they are cooked with real fat like pure butter and that they are seasoned with extra salt and oil.  It tastes great, but it sends the calorie count up and the nutrition down.

What’s the best way to watch your portion size at a restaurant?  Well, there are really a few ways.

First, consider staying away from the dinner plate altogether.  Check out the soups or salads, but don’t think a bowl of either is necessarily a good thing.  Consider a cup of soup and side salad for dinner.  You may be surprised at how full you are after eating such a meal in its small and unimpressive serving bowls.

Second, order off the kids or lunch menu if you can.  Some restaurants will let you order from these sections all day long.  Others are less accommodating.  Also check to see if you can order a “half” order.  Many restaurants will do this for you if you ask but you won’t find that option on the menu.

Third, if the first two didn’t work for you, as soon as you get your meal make a mental note of how much food is on your plate.  If you ordered a typical dinner plate, vow to eat only half and bring the other half home with you for a future meal.  Know right up front that you will get a to-go container.  That will make you want to save enough for a nice meal at home.

Watching your portion control at a restaurant can save you hundreds of calories.  It’s not the only way to achieve a perfect diet plan but it’s a huge start. It is very easy to eat a 1,000 calorie meal at a restaurant if you’re not careful.  Applying these three tips will help to keep your weight loss on track.

Lessons Learned:

  • portion size in restaurants have gotten bigger over the years
  • when dining out, check the soup and salad section first to see if something looks good
  • if ordering a meal, check out kids meals, the lunch menu, or order half-sized meals
  • if ordering a full portion, bring half home to keep your weight loss on track

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