Track Fitness Goals With an Exercise Journal

When you have set exercise or fitness goals and you are striving to achieve them, one of the best things you can do is track your progress in an exercise journal.

An exercise journal will allow you to track everything that you do.  You can track your miles, your steps, your exercise routine, and even how you feel.  There are a few big benefits to using an exercise journal.

First, people do what they measure.  By that I mean if you measure your miles you will want to achieve your miles.  A goal of walking 30 miles this month is a pretty soft goal if you don’t plan to actually track your miles, but if you log your miles each day in your exercise journal you will be much more likely to measure your progress and stay on track.

Second, using a journal to capture how you feel will allow you to figure out what effects your diet and exercise routine is having on your body and your mind.  By reviewing your journal you will notice trends and find good practices that you can repeat and bad practices that you can avoid.  Did you feel great and energetic in your workout today?  Write that in your journal and jot down details of what you ate recently, how long before your workout you ate, what time of day you exercised and how you slept last night.  One of those may have been the difference.

Third, a workout journal is the best way to see your progress.  By tracking in a journal for an extended period you can review your past.  Just when you start to lose motivation because you don’t feel like you are progressing, look back 3 months to see what you were doing then.  You may find that today you do way more with less effort than you did then.  Sometimes it just takes a reminder for you to realize that you are doing well and should keep it up.

Use a workout journal in your daily routine and see for yourself what benefits it has for you.

Lessons Learned:

  • an exercise journal adds accountability because you will do what you track
  • an exercise journal will help you identify patterns that help you work out more effectively
  • an exercise journal will remind you of how far you’ve come in your workouts

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