How To Lower Belly Fat

If you are trying to lose belly fat or just figure out how to lower belly fat that won’t seem to go away, there is something important that you need to know. There is only one way to lose belly fat, and it is not a secret diet or workout routine.

Your body is genetically programmed to gain, and lose, weight in a particular way. The way your body will do this is different than the way another person’s will do this. Some will gain weight in their stomach first. Others will gain weight in their thighs but maintain a small waist. It just depends on you. The fact is that your body will almost certainly take the weight off in the opposite manner that it put the weight on. You need to know that.

So what is the best way to lose belly fat? Well, to lose belly fat you need to lose fat in general. Your body will determine which of those pounds come from your belly. But don’t despair! There are still things that you can do to feel more confident in your appearance and make your midsection appear more trim.

First, eat a healthy diet, watch your sodium intake, and drink enough water. Too much sodium or not enough water will make your body retain water. Correcting these things will allow you to drop a few quick pounds of water weight that you don’t need. Your clothes will fit better, you will be healthier, and your midsection should feel better.

Second, target your midsection with exercise. Don’t take this to mean that you can target belly fat with abdominal exercises. You really can’t. However, many people carrying excess fat in their belly also have underdeveloped muscles in their midsection which can give them a curvy or lumpy appearance. Tuning your abs will give you a more fit appearance and that extra muscle will increase your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories.

When working out, opt for fluid movements that wok the core like aerobics, yoga, or other long range stretching routines instead of heavy weight exercises or crunches. Focusing on large muscle groups by doing things such as leg workouts is another great way to get more bang for your workout buck. What you want is to be fit, not to add bulky muscle. Your six pack can wait until you deal with the body fat. After all, it won’t show until you take care of business with the excess fat first.

As you progress on your journey to lose belly fat, remember this. Your body will decide when it is time to get rid or the belly fat. What you control is losing fat in general, so that is your goal. Eat right, reduce sodium intake, and drink water for a quick result that will make you look and feel better fast. Add fluid core exercises to give your midsection a more athletic look and keep it up. Sustaining your effort and losing overall fat is the key in how to lower belly fat.

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