Avoid Running Blisters

If you run a great deal, chances are you have suffered from running blisters on your feet from time to time. In fact, even those who don’t run that often may find themselves with a painful blister after a long workout or game like basketball, tennis, or any other sport that requires running or shifting of the weight.

What causes blisters? More than anything else, blisters are caused by friction. That feeling that your foot is rubbing against your sock or shoe is a good way to predict that you are going to end up with a running blister.

The best way to avoid running blisters is to avoid the friction. There are a few things that you can focus on to help prevent blisters on your feet so that you can keep on running.

Wear good socks. This is perhaps the best way to protect your feet from running blisters. You want to wear a high quality pair of synthetic socks when you are working out. These socks will wick moisture from your feet and reduce the risk of blisters. Select a sock with a quality reinforced toe and heel as this will offer further protection. Finally, make sure your socks fit your feet well. That means they should fit just right around both your heel and your toes. If you have excess fabric in either place it will lead to added friction, causing running blisters.

Another option with socks is to wear two pair of socks. This may cause the inner pair to stick closer to your skin and transfer any friction to the second pair, saving your feet from the rubbing that can cause blisters.

Wear good shoes. Like socks, a quality pair of running shoes is important to prevent blisters. It takes not only a solid pair of shoes but, perhaps just as important, a properly sized pair of shoes. Shoes that are too big or too small will both be a cause of blisters, especially if you are active for long periods of time. You should have a little room for your toes, but your heel should not move around causing excess friction.

Take care of your feet. Running blisters occur more easily on feet that are in bad shape. If your feet are very dry your skin is more prone to a blister. Care for the skin on your feet as you would on your hands if they were dry and cracked. Use a skin lotion to keep the skin in good shape and reduce the probability of blisters.

By taking care of the skin on your feet and investing in quality and well fitting shoes and socks, you can avoid running blisters and get in a better workout.

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