How To Make a Workout Plan

If you are ready to get into better shape or lose some extra weight you need to know how to make a workout plan. Sure, you can just start working out and see where it leads you, but if you don’t plan and track your workouts you are more likely to lose motivation and fail to recognize the progress you are making.

A workout plan may be created and tracked in any number of ways, from a calendar to a smart phone to a website. The important thing is that you plan and track it. This serves a few purposes.

  1. It adds accountability. If you have a workout on your calendar for tonight you are more likely to do it.
  2. It helps you plan around your workout. You need to work out, so don’t let other things interfere with your workout time. This is important.
  3. It allows you to celebrate your success. Looking back on your week of good work is rewarding!

When you make a workout plan be sure to include three things; cardio, strength training, and stretching. Your workout plan will work best for getting you into shape if you are hitting all three instead of spending all of your time in one area.

Cardio is important because it improves your cardiovascular health and works your heart. Strength training is important because it builds muscle and increases your metabolism. Stretching is important because is makes you more flexible and prevents injury. Yoga is also a good stretching component.

A workout planner or notebook works well. Start by planning out your week. Pick at least three days for your workouts and include a variety of cardio, strength training, and stretching. Exactly how you schedule it is up to you. Just include all three exercise types in the week, either by doing them alone or combining them in a single workout.

While you’re at it, track a goal in your workout planner as well. This works great to stay on track whether you work out in a home gym or health club. Whether it is pounds lost, miles traveled, hours worked out, or weight lifted, having a goal that you can measure and achieve is an important motivator.

Remember the key points. Having a workout plan means you will be more likely to do it. While you’re at it, plan your workouts for the week ahead of time and track your completed workouts. Don’t forget to include goals along the way that you can achieve as you work out to keep up motivation.

Plan your workout, track your progress, and include a goal. That is a recipe for a good workout plan.

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