Calories and Nutrition in Avacados

You hear about avocados as a health food all the time, but what about the calories in avocados, and what exactly makes nutrition in avocados worth consuming? Let’s learn a little bit about the calories and nutrition in avocados to see if you should be enjoying this as a part of your diet.

An avocado is a high calorie and high fat food. In fact, it’s the fat content that makes it high in calories. But these are no ordinary calories, so don’t fret. We’ll cover that in a minute. A single avocado contains over 300 calories and more than 75% of those calories are from fat. Before you get too concerned about that, however, know that most of those fat calories are monounsaturated fats. Those are the good ones and a big reason why avocados are a healthy food.

As for nutrition, the list of health benefits possible from eating avocados is long. This is mostly due to the healthy fat, nutrients, and carotenoids found in the avocado. Avocados are good for your heart and they are a natural anti-inflammatory useful in easing and perhaps even preventing arthritis. They help to regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, and even may prevent some cancers. These are good reasons to add avocados to your diet.

To select an avocado, look for a fruit that is just soft enough to depress without pushing too hard, but make sure it has not become mushy. You can finish ripening them at home in a brown bag which is better than buying a fruit that is overripe, since those are more likely to be bruised. While the green avocados look more enticing in the store, it is likely that the blacker ones are the ones you want.

There are lots of ways to add avocados to your diet but the most popular are these. Add fresh slices or chopped avocado to any salad for a healthy boost. The classic way to enjoy these fruits is to make some guacamole with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, pepper, cilantro, and lime juice. That goes well with main courses or with tortilla chips. You can even spread avocado on whole wheat toast for a healthy snack or breakfast.

One tip for avocado is to add a little lime juice after cutting if you want to maintain its color. Oxygen will begin to change the color rather quickly so if it will be a while before it is consumed you can add this step.

So what about the calories and nutrition in avocados? Well, there are certainly plenty of calories, but they pack a healthy punch, so working these calories into your diet is well worth it.

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