Rethink The Best Time to Lose Weight

Whether you are on a constant quest for weight loss or just starting out, you may need to rethink the best time to lose weight if you really want a lasting change. Of course, it is only natural for a person to desire a slimmer look for a special event such as a wedding, class reunion, or summer vacation. It is also quite common for people to begin a weight loss program at the beginning of each year, but these may not be the best times to lose weight.

The reason is this. You have some natural motivation to lose weight when something exciting is coming up or when old friends are going to see you for the first time in years. But what happens once the big event is over? Likewise, if you tend to exercise the most after January 1st, what does that say about how you behaved in November and December?

The best time to lose weight, in order for you to make a lasting change to your health, is just the opposite of what most people will do. Most people put the most weight on just after a big event and just before or during the Holidays. That is your big opportunity to lose the weight you want to lose.

Don’t think this means you should avoid weight loss leading up to an event. Nor should you stop making New Year’s resolutions if they motivate you. What you need is to add the workouts after these events and before the Holidays to really rev up your results.

If you could lose 10 pounds before your summer vacation but you tend to gain 5 back in the month that follows because you relax, just think what might happen if you treated those 30 days as seriously as you did the 30 days ahead of your trip? Instead of gaining 5 pounds, you could have lost a pound per week. That doesn’t sound like much, but consider you would have changed the outcome from 5 pounds lost (10 lost, 5 added) to 14 pounds lost (10 lost, 4 lost). That is a HUGE difference. You can do this.

The next time you are on vacation make the commitment to go on a 4 week program after you get back. The next time you head into a holiday like Christmas, go into it with a 30 day effort and follow through with your New Year’s resolution to keep at it. If you do these things, your weight loss will literally jump ahead!

It’s true that we will all want to lose a few pounds before a big event and kick the year off motivated to work out, but if you really want to get great results, you need to rethink the best time to lose weight and hit the opposite ends of those times as well.

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