You Can Lose Weight by Staying Out of the Kitchen

You can lose weight at home but you may need to consider staying out of the kitchen. No, that doesn’t mean you should not cook your meals at home or avoid eating at the dinner table. In fact, you should do exactly that. What it means is that perhaps you do too many other things in the kitchen.

Today’s Kitchen

The kitchen today has become the most used room in the house. This used to be the case due to the high number of chores in the kitchen including preparing every meal from scratch as well as washing and drying every dish after each meal, but those things take considerably less time for most people today.

Now the reason we spend so much time in the kitchen is because it is the hub of not only the house, but the social calendar. Consider this – what is in your kitchen other than food and a table? If you are like most people, you can answer this in a number of ways.

The kitchen is often right next to the washer and dryer, meaning you walk through it every time you do laundry. You may have a desk in the kitchen where you read, write letters and card, or organize things. Perhaps the family computer is in the kitchen, the kids craft supplies, or your primary telephone. There are many reasons to go into the kitchen.

What Can You Do?

When it comes to spending time in the kitchen, there are primary things that you can do to assist in your weight loss effort.

First, you can spend less time in the kitchen to remove the temptation of opening the refrigerator. This means moving things to another room where it is possible. Move the computer and the craft supplies and set a writing desk elsewhere. Bring the kitchen to life when you are ready to eat and put it to rest for the remainder of the day. Get as many activities not related to a meal out of the room. Invest in a home gym and spend time there working out.

Second, to the extent that moving things out is not possible and since you will be spending extra time there, shut the kitchen down between meals, and don’t leave any easy to grab snacks out on the counter. Do everything that you can to turn it from a kitchen to a gathering room or family room when it is not mealtime. That means no food in sight. Turn it back into an eating room only a few times per day.  

It is certainly possible to lose excess body fat while around the house, but if the kitchen is always stocked with quick snacks in plain sight and you spend lot so time there, you will be under constant temptation. Staying out of the kitchen when you don’t need to be there and eliminating visible snacks will make a difference so that you can lose weight at home.

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