Improve Favorite Recipes With Black Beans

It’s easy to improve many of your favorite recipes with black beans to add great color, texture, and nutrition to your dishes. Black beans are a significant way to improve digestion and with a subtle taste they fit into many dishes easily.

When it comes to black beans nutrition these tasty legumes have a lot to offer. Very high in fiber, folate, and an excellent source of protein, black beans are one of the recipe enhancers that you should have stocked in the pantry at all times. Beans will not only aid in digestion, they will improve cardiovascular health and even lower the risk of some cancers.

Here are some easy examples of how you can turn your favorite family recipe into a black beans recipe. For starters, Mexican food and black bans belong together. For example, make a black bean quesadilla by adding your favorite ingredients. A delicious treat is a chicken, cheese, and black bean quesadilla. On taco night, serve a bowl of cooked black beans for the family to add to their taco just as you would diced tomato or onion. If you want to force the issue and add flavor to the meat, cook the beans with the taco meat.

Side dishes are another great opportunity to use black beans well. One easy black bean side dish is to mix equal parts black beans and corn kernels. Black beans and corn is good, looks great on your plate, and is a huge source of fiber. It will go well with nearly any main dish. Speaking of sides that go well with nearly any main dish, another super easy side is black beans and rice. To make it even more nutritious use brown rice instead of white rice and you will have a powerful source of nutrition on your plate. If you want to make it a bit more unique try a black bean quinoa side. That will have so much nutrition it’s more like a vitamin than a side but it tastes great too.

If you are looking for more ideas here are some good ones. Make black bean burgers by adding cooked black beans to your burger patty before cooking. Black bean chili will not only look better than standard chili, many people will find the black beans more appealing than kidney beans. Almost any soup other soup will work with beans as well, such as chicken and black bean soup or your favorite vegetable soup recipe.

Whatever you do to add these healthy legumes to your diet, your favorite dishes will have added color, flavor, and nutrition. Improve your favorite recipes with black beans today.

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