Nutritional Value of Grapes vs. Raisins

We all know that raising are dried grapes, but what is the nutritional value of grapes vs. raisins and is it better to eat one versus the other? You would think that these two types of fruit would have the same nutritional facts but they are a bit different. Here is the scoop.


If we compare 2 cups of fresh grapes to a 1.5 ounce box of raisins were would get the following results for the major nutritional data.

Grapes Raisins
Calories 123 129
Protein 1.16 1.32
Fat .64 .2
Carbohydrate 31.56 34.05
Fiber 1.7 1.6
Sugar 29.9 25.45

As you can see, using these serving sizes there is no huge difference between the two. The nutritional facts of raisins show that they are quite close to the nutritional value of grapes. There are, however, differences when we take a closer look at vitamins and nutrients.

For example, the box of raisins has far more magnesium and phosphorous than grapes and the serving of grapes has higher levels of beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin K than the raisins. The fact is that when grapes are dried and they shrink into grapes, some things become more concentrated in a typical serving. Since there appear to be pros and cons to eating both the fresh fruit and the dried fruit form of the grape it makes good sense to eat both.

How to Eat Them

Grapes are a wonderful addition to your diet because they are delicious, easy to eat as a snack, available most of the year, and fairly inexpensive. You can eat grapes as a snack any time, but don’t forget to add them to a salad or even a main dish as a tasty addition.

The benefits of raisins include that they are easy to pack and bring along on a trip or on the trial, they last a long time and they are available year round at a fair price. Raising are great as a trail mix with nuts, but they also work well in a salad or on top of your morning oatmeal.

Health Benefits

Both grapes and raisins are an excellent source of antioxidants. The highest concentration of antioxidants is in the seed and the skin of the grapes, so make sure you include the skin in your snack for the highest antioxidant benefits.

Other health benefits of grapes and raisins are that they are a natural anti-inflammatory, they promote cardiovascular healthy, prevent certain cancers, and can even help to reduce the risk of macular degeneration.


Since the nutritional value of grapes vs. raisins is not a big deal, go ahead and enjoy both as part of your healthy diet.

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