How To Maintain the Fat Burning Heart Rate

The fat burning heart rate, or so it is called, is that sweet spot in your heart rate that is believed to be perfect for burning fat. A heart rate that is too slow will not burn enough calories to make a huge difference. One that is too high will result in a lower percentage of fat burned, though you may actually burn more fat than if you are in the fat burning zone since you will burn more calories overall.

The fat burning heart rate is around 60-65% of your maximum target heart rate. To figure that out you just need to do some simple math. Start by taking 220 and subtracting your age. This is the maximum heart rate for you in a workout. Now, to get the fat burning heart rate, multiply that maximum heart rate by 60% and 65%. That is your fat burning heart rate to target.

Know that although this target range is written about much, you will lose fat at any heart rate, so any form of exercise is beneficial and will cut fat from your body. The nice thing about the fat burning zone is that you can accomplish it with low impact, people less physically fit can achieve it, and you can maintain a workout over a longer period of time as it is less exerting. Therefore, if you choose to work out within this specific heart rate there are generally two ways to accomplish it.

The first is a bit hit or miss. You can work out at a brisk pace that is still comfortable for you to talk. If you are panting and breathing heavy you are almost certainly above your fat burning heart rate. Of course, everyone is different so the point at which you become winded may be different than the next person.

A better way to stay within this range is to use a heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor is simply a flexible strap that you wear around your waist that is capable of measuring your heart rate with pinpoint accuracy and transmitting the results to a sports watch or piece of gym equipment for you to see. What makes a heart rate monitor so great for training is that you get this feedback every second and you can also set your watch to notify you if you exceed your target heart rate.

If you work out at a commercial gym, or if you have home gym equipment that has an electronic display, it may be ready to accept the heart rate from your heart rate monitor. Or, you may have a heart rate monitor strap with your machine but just need the sports watch to go with it. Either way, this setup is great and offers tons of feedback on your workout that will help you to train in the zone that you want to get your desired results.

Remember to always take it easy when starting a new workout routine. A heart rate monitor can help, since it will make it very clear to you when you are exceeding your desired maximum heart rate. Chances are, once you get this device and add it to your workout routine, you won’t want to be without it.

You now know how to maintain the fat burning heart rate through monitoring your breathing or the use of a heart rate monitor. All that you need now is to hit the gym.

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