10 Simple Nutritious Snacks

To keep it simple, add these 10 simple nutritious snacks to your weekly diet regimen. Snacks are the hardest part of a health diet for many people, and having nutritious snacks that you know you can go to when needed is a great way to make sure snack time is a positive addition to your daily food intake.

Why Nutritious Snacks?

Snack time is when many people are most vulnerable and subject to making poor choices. It is often easy to eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner when there is preparation time or time at home, but snack time is a different story altogether.

Most snacks tend to occur away from home and are often eaten in the car, at work, or in similar places where healthy choices are not naturally found. To make sure these snacks don’t harm your diet, keep this short list of nutritious snacks on hand at all times.

1. Fruit

This seems obvious, yet many people do not have a piece of fresh fruit on hand when it is really needed. The food plate recommends that up to half of your plate is filled with fruits and vegetables, and this is an easy win at snack time. Make a point to always have fresh fruit like an apple, banana, or pear, on hand as a snack.

2. Vegetables

Fruit was obvious, and so are vegetables. Find something that you like and, better yet, something that you can really snack on to turn vegetables into your friend. Great snacking options include things like carrots, celery, or broccoli florets since they can be eaten like finger foods which allows us to feel like we are truly snacking.

3. Oatmeal

You will need access to hot water for this one, but a simple packet of oatmeal is filling and nutritious. Loaded with fiber, oatmeal will also make you feel full, so there will be no more cheating until dinner. In the office, a microwave or even hot water from a coffeemaker will do the trick. Pick a naturally sweetened oatmeal to avoid any excess sugar.

4. Turkey

Turkey is one of the magnificent snack options for a good reason. It is lean, high in protein, and very low in calories. The protein fills you up while the low calorie count keeps the excess weight off. Opt for pure turkey breast instead of lunch meats, which often contain unnatural additives.

5. String Cheese

Almost everyone loves cheese, but not all cheese is that great for you. String cheese is lower in fat and calories, and makes a great snack because it is simply made to be portable. Wrapped individually it will keep for several hours and, because it pulls apart, you get the satisfaction of eating for a while. The protein ill also insure you don’t get hungry soon after.

6. Cheerios

Sure, any low sugar oat cereal can be a solid choice here, but there is something just perfect about Cheerios. You see toddlers walking around with a container of cereal all the time but adults rarely follow. Perhaps that’s a bad thing, since a simple cup of cereal is low in sugar, high in fiber, and eats like a snack, lasting a long time.

7. Dried Fruit

When you need something that is there for you on a long road trip or just waiting in an office desk drawer for those times when you have no other option, dried fruit may just do the trick. Pick from the naturally dried fruits without added sugar for the best nutrition. Dried fruit is delicious, adds fiber to your diet, and goes wherever you do – even into the wild.

8. Nuts

You shouldn’t go nuts with nuts but they will make a great snack. Nuts are high in calories but contain such healthy qualities as fiber, vitamin E, and the good fats that many people can really use. Eaten in moderation, nuts are surely a health food. For best choices, pick almonds, walnuts, or pistachios. Just watch out for the added salt and choose the natural varieties.

9. Yogurt

If you have a refrigerator handy or can make a stop at a store, yogurt is another solid choice. With protein and few calories, yogurt will stop your stomach from growling but won’t cost you on the scale. Try to avoid those with added fruit and select natural or Greek-style yogurt instead. If you need a bit of sweetness, add your own fresh berries instead.

10. Popcorn

No, we don’t mean movie theater popcorn here. Popcorn is not a bad choice at all as long as it is not buttered and salt is avoided. In fact, air-popped corn is naturally low in calories and a decent source of fiber, but the best part is that you can snack on a few cups of popcorn over a long time – even while watching a show, making this a true snack.

Turn snack time into your ally. Keep a short list of items that you will have on hand at all times so that these small meals add to your healthy diet instead of detracting from it. Be prepared with some of these 10 simple nutritious snacks and you will be ready.

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