What Cereal is Gluten Free That Kids Will Love

If you want the kids to eat gluten free cereal, you need to know what cereal is gluten free that the kids will really like. The cereal aisle at the local grocery store is a wonderland for kids, full of sugary greatness and popular characters frequently seen on television. For a person with celiac disease, however, a choice that is not based on wheat is what is desired. 

What is Gluten?

Simply put, gluten refers to a form of protein most commonly consumed by kids by eating things made from wheat, though it is found in other foods like barley and rye. Some people have issues with a diet containing certain amounts of gluten, leading to the many labeled gluten free products on store shelves today. Sufferers of this gluten intolerance often have symptoms like diarrhea, bloating of the abdomen, weight loss, or even general weakness or a feeling of being tired. Since so many cereals are made from wheat, finding a gluten free breakfast cereal is a great way to continue to enjoy a quick and simple breakfast while avoiding the ingredients that are not desired.


There are tasty gluten free cereal options for kids!

Gluten Free Cereal Brands Kids Like

Here are some great options for kids that will let them still enjoy breakfast cereal while getting their morning meal from a gluten free source. You need to know that not all things labeled “gluten free” are 100% free of gluten, but all must contain none of an extremely small amount not likely to be of any consequence. 

Chex cereals are among the best for great kids cereal options without gluten. Many of the flavors are made from ingredients like rice or corn. Chex are tasty and less expensive than some other specialty cereals, and flavors like Cinnamon Chex are just plain delicious. 

Rice Krispies is another top brand that is made from rice and is easy to afford, and kids love Snap, Crackle, and Pop. This cereal really does make noise when milk is added but the crunch and sweet taste is popular with kids of all ages. Make sure you get the gluten free box, since not all of them are.

Nature’s Path cereals may be found in the regular cereal aisle of your store or in a specialty section. They offer several gluten free cereals for kids like the popular Whole O’s, Amazon Frosted Flakes, or Koala Crisp. These will cost a bit more, but they are made from wholesome ingredients and are made using strict standards.

There are many other brands that you can find, but the options here are a great start.When looking for more, check the labels and look for ingredients like corn, rice, buckwheat, and sorghum.


Other Gluten Free Breakfast Options

You don’t need to stop at gluten free cold cereal to get the benefits desired. In fact, there are other breakfast foods that will do the trick and allow you to mix it up a bit.

Consider a gluten free hot cereal for a change of pace. It’s hard to beat Bob’s Red Mill cereals for healthy options made from alternative ingredients like rice, corn, or other gluten free things. Their Mighty Tasty Gluten Free Hot Cereal is a top pick. Other popular options include Creamy Brown Rice Farina and Organic Creamy Buckwheat.

Waffles might be a nice change of pace for breakfast or even as gluten free snacks, and you will find brands like Trader Joe’s, Nature’s Path, or Van’s, the latter of which are readily available in many stores. Kids always love waffles, and adding fresh fruit on top makes this a sweet breakfast that increases the fiber at the same time.


You’ve Got Choices

As you can see, you have many choices for serving the kids breakfast and avoiding the gluten-rich foods that are so commonly associated with it. Once you realize what cereal is gluten free you are sure to find one that your kids will love.


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