Healthy Food for a Tailgate Party

Bring some delicious healthy food for a tailgate party instead of the standard tailgating fare. There’s no need to let your health go just because it’s time to root for the home team. By making some good choices with the menu you can enjoy the complete tailgating experience with less guilt. Here are some top food choices for healthy tailgating.


Tailgating and the grill go hand in hand, and the atmosphere just seems to be more festive when lunch is cooking while you prepare for the big game. Instead of going for the hot dogs, hamburgers, or steaks, consider chicken as your grilling choice.

With chicken you have some wonderful options. It’s hard to beat a simple chicken breast seasoned just right, but a chicken sandwich is also a convenient treat. To mix in some healthy vegetables, go with chicken kabobs on the grill and you get fiber along with your lean protein.

red pepper is awesome in a grilled kabob!


It seems that every tailgate party has bags of chips everywhere you look, but there is a better choice for snacking. Popcorn, especially air popped, has way fewer calories and fat. What’s more, it’s easy to make at home and bring along and it will taste even better after the victory than it does before the game.

It’s true, popcorn nutrition and that of typical chips is not even close. While popcorn is not really a health food, it won’t do the same damage to your diet that chips will, so snack away.


You know that the tailgating food will include bars, cookies, and the like, so you should bring plenty of vegetables to snack on throughout the day. Any veggie that can be eaten by hand is a good choice. That would include things like pepper slices, celery sticks, carrot sticks, or even broccoli.

Beware, however, that all of these can be dipped into very unhealthy and fattening dips, so make sure you offer a better option. Bring along something like natural peanut butter, a tasty treat with celery but more natural than regular peanut butter with sugar added.


Naturally, when you are heading to a tailgate party you might be bringing along some libations, but don’t forget some water too. Alcohol will ultimately make you hungry and impair your judgement, leaving you with a huge brownie in your hands and a headache later.

Instead, have a convenient source of water handy so that you can mix plenty in. Not only is water good for you, it will make you feel full and prevent overeating.

Tailgate Party Food Can be Healthy

You don’t have to skip everything at the tailgate. A deviled egg here and one treat there won’t be the end of the world. Just be sure to surround yourself and your fellow tailgating fans with some good options at the same time. It is possible to have healthy food for a tailgate party.

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