Can Green Tea and Water Prove to Be Helpful in Weight Loss?

Living a healthy and successful life is the dream of every man and woman on the Earth. However, one of the hurdles in this dream becoming true is obesity. This monster has become a worldwide phenomenon, and many people around the world have fallen prey to it. The reasons for the sudden rise in the number of people becoming fat and obese are mainly the increase in the consumption of carbohydrate-rich junk food and a severe lack of interest in exercise.

What Can a Person Do?

In order to avoid becoming obese a person must stop eating foods that are too rich in bad carbohydrates as they only increase a person’s weight. Secondly, you must focus on setting an exercise routine for yourself and stick to it, as this would help you in increasing metabolism and burning off the excess fat, making the body lean and strong. Drinking lots of water is another thing that can help a person in keeping his belly flat. The more water a person consumes, the more efficient becomes the body’s excretion system, dispelling out all the harmful waste being accumulated in the body.

polyphenols in green tea help to burn fat

About Water

Since water constitutes about 75% of the human body, it is involved in all the processes inside the body. The need of water in the body is constant as it loses water continuously in processes like respiration, excretion and perspiration. If the need of water is not fulfilled, the body starts retaining water, and this leads to an increase in body weight. So, constantly refilling the body with water is not only helpful in keeping the body free of all the waste, it is also important for maintaining a healthy body weight.

What About Green Tea?

Besides water, green tea is also considered very helpful in reducing the weight of a person.
In ancient times people used green tea as a means of remaining healthy. Research made on
green tea in the modern era has also confirmed that it is really very essential for living a healthy
life, as well as a great weight reducing agent.

The flavonoids present in green tea produce antioxidants in the body which are the body’s primary defense system against free radicals that are commonly found in fat people. In addition to this, the polyphenols in green tea also promote thermogenesis, which is a chemical process in which fats are burned to produce energy for the body.

As you can see, drinking lots of water and green tea can help a person to lose excess weight.

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