Choosing the Right Type of Protein Powder for Your Body

When you are working out or following any type of fitness program it can be a good idea to use protein powder to boost your results. To make sure you are using the right kind, here is a rundown of what to expect from these proteins to make sure you are choosing the right one for your body.

Casein Protein

Casein protein is ideal for anyone who is looking for a protein that is slow to break down and be absorbed into the body. Many people who use this will take it instead of a meal or just before they go to bed so it can work throughout the night.

Whey Concentrate

This is probably the type of protein that you will want to use if you are just starting out and want to add more protein to your diet. Whey concentrate is not very expensive and you will be able to add it into your diet without any problems. However, you might find that it can make you bloated, which is a common side effect for many people who use it.

protein powder is excellent in a shake or smoothie

Whey Isolates

This type of protein is more costly than whey concentrate but it will be absorbed much faster than the concentrated version. If you are interested in following a diet that is low in carbohydrates this is a very good choice, which is why it is very popular. Isolates can be used before or after a workout due to the fact that they are absorbed very quickly. This will help your muscles to recover after a workout and grow faster than they would do through using other types of protein. The other advantage is that the bloated side-effect feeling isn’t nearly as common with this type of protein.

Soy Protein

If you are following a vegetarian diet it can be hard to include protein as most forms are derived from animal products. Soy protein is perfect for vegetarians as it is free from any animal products. It is also great for aiding the body after a workout as it contains BCAAs and glutamine which are both essential for this. Soy protein can also help to increase the metabolism which is ideal for anyone who wants to speed up fat loss while working out. Soy protein is perfect for use at any time of the day, so you can use it before or after a workout.

Hydrolysate Protein

This is the most expensive type of protein supplement that is on the market and it is the fastest to be absorbed into the body. It has a fantastic anabolic effect on the body, which is what all serious body builders or people in training are looking for. It contains peptides that are quick to be absorbed. This means they will be very fast acting, which is important for anyone who is following a strict diet and fitness plan. This type of protein is also much better for the digestive system as it will not cause bloating which is commonly associated with concentrates or some other types of protein. This can also be used before or after working out as it has benefits at both times.

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