Exercise to Keep Cancer at Bay

Exercising is anything but bad! Yes, almost for everyone in this world, exercise has one or the other benefit to offer. There are many diseases that can be prevented or kept in control with the help of appropriate physical activity. Cancer is one of such diseases that can be kept at bay, with regular exercise.

Many palliative care physicians believe that the medical world is advancing and there are various new technologies being introduced that are capable of treating acute illnesses, there is very less research being carried out to find the ways to prevent the illnesses.

Many illnesses and disorders, including cancer can be prevented by lifestyle modifications. Research studies state that routine exercise alone can prevent almost one third of cancer types. Scientists and researchers also suggest that, for years people are being told about the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent cancer, however, it is more important that the environment is created that promotes people to make healthy choices.

swimming is a great way to get more exercise, even in winter

How Much Exercise?

Engaging in at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day or 5 days a week is beneficial to keep you healthy, strengthen the immune system and keep cancer away. Exercise, directly as well as indirectly, helps in prevention of any malicious growth. Risk factors such as being overweight, high blood sugar levels, and a weak immune system can be avoided through regular exercise, which in turn can prevent the abnormal cell growth too.

Exercise and Cancer Types

Intestinal and Colon Cancer

Exercise accelerates the body’s metabolism and helps in digestion. Sedentary lifestyle hampers digestion and, as a result, facilitates abnormal cell activities in the digestive system. Moderate to rigorous physical activity on a regular basis stimulates efficient movement of materials through the digestive tract and colon. Physical activity also helps in flushing out the toxic materials from the body and keeping it healthy.

Breast Cancer

Nearly 30 studies conducted to see the relation between exercise and breast cancer risk show that women who do moderate to vigorous exercise for about 3-4 hours a week have reduced the risk of getting breast cancer by 40%.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables can lower the levels of estradol and estrone – two type of estrogen hormones. Higher levels of estrogen is one of the major risk factors of breast cancer. Exercising is a natural way to reduce estrogen levels in the body as well as some other hormones, which can be responsible to turn normal breast cells into malignant cells.

Apart from preventing cancer, exercises can improve your muscle tone, maintain healthy weight, lower the risk of diabetes and increase your fitness.

What Types of Exercises are Good

An ideal exercise regimen and type of exercises one can do differs according to individuals. However, there are some exercises, which are helpful in preventing cancer and offer benefits to the population as a whole.

Stretching exercises are good to improve the flexibility of the body and helps in better mobility. Practically, it can be done easily by anyone.

Brisk walking, jogging and swimming are a few aerobic exercises that offer several benefits such as accelerated calorie burning and helping a person to lose weight. Along with cardiovascular fitness, such exercises also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Lifting weights and isometric exercises help keep your muscles strong and healthy. Mainly, cancer cells develop in people who have less muscle mass and more fat cells. Thus, muscle-building exercises can keep cancer away.

Exercise offers various benefits to all people, but when it comes to cancer prevention, importance of regular exercising increases immensely. Various risk factors for cancer can be arrested with exercise. Exercise strengthens immune system, reduces fat cells, increases muscle mass, improves digestion and gives you overall health and fitness to fight various illnesses including the dreaded cancer.

About the Author: I am Caren Lee and I am studying about various cancers. I write about cancers, their causes, symptoms, and treatments of cancer that help people in getting adequate knowledge about the disease. I consider the reader comments even more important than my own posts!

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