How to Build Strong Muscular Legs

The legs contain some of the largest muscles in the human body and comprise muscles such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves. It has been argued that leg strength is the best indicator of how strong you really are and if you really want to be strong you should give sufficient attention to your legs. For the best muscular development and shape you should include as many compound, multi joint movements in combination with isolation exercises to target specific leg muscles.

cycling is a great and inexpensive way to build the glutes

Location of the Specific Leg Muscles

Your quadricep is the muscle on your front thigh and is worked out with any exercise that straightens the knee. Exercises such as the leg extension, leg presses, squats and lunges work this muscle. Your hamstrings are the muscles on your inner thigh and exercises such as the deadlift and leg curls really works these muscles. Any exercise, even body weight exercises, which involves standing on your heels will target your calf muscle which is at the rear of your ankles therefore standing calf raises are excellent at building this muscle. The glutes (buttocks) are in fact the largest muscle of the human body and they are targeted in almost any leg exercise but cycling is the best method to really develop this muscle.

Leg Exercises Can Be Exhaustive

Leg exercises usually take a lot out of you, especially the squat and deadlift which not only stresses your legs but your entire body as well. Therefore, you need to ensure that you allow sufficient time for your leg muscles to recover which should usually take at least a week. Nutrition is also very important to provide the muscle fibres you have broken down in the gym with the nutrients it needs to repair itself. This means getting enough protein – which is the building block of your muscles – as well as sufficient carbohydrates to transport protein to your muscles and provide the energy you need to give your all during your workouts. A moderate amount of healthy fats are also important since a balanced diet consisting of all food groups is essential for you to build muscle.

Final Thoughts

There are many practical benefits to developing strong, powerful leg muscles as everyday activities will seem so much easier. If you play sports such as soccer, lawn tennis or rugby then stronger legs will undoubtedly improve your performance. Working out your legs will also help you to build muscle onto other areas of your body like your chest, arms or shoulders more easily so if you really want to get huge then do not skip the leg workouts.

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