How to Eat Healthy at a Fast Food Restaurant

Cutting down on fast food is a simple, effective way to eat healthier. Nevertheless, there are times that stopping at a fast food restaurant is unavoidable. Maybe you’re running late for a job interview or maybe you’re just feeling lazy and don’t want to cook. Eating fast food doesn’t mean you have to eat something completely disastrous to your diet. Follow these tips to help you the next time you’re at the local burger joint.

Avoid Anything Fried

Steer clear of any fried items on the menu. Be wary of terms like “home-style” or “crispy,” which signifies that the food has been fried. Stick to grilled options whenever possible to limit the amount of fat and calories you consume. A grilled chicken breast sandwich is always a safe bet – as long as you hold the mayo.

avoiding fried fast foods will save you lots of calories

Don’t Super-size It

While many fast food restaurants have gotten rid of large combos, there are still some that offer you the option of increasing the size of your fries and drink. Don’t do it. Always ask for a small combo – certain restaurants automatically give you the largest size possible and you won’t notice until you get the receipt and your order.

Eat a Salad

Make sure you read the fine print. A salad may seem healthy but do your research. If the salad is showered in Caesar dressing or contains fried items, then it’s still not good for you. Find out what’s in the salad before ordering. If you have any doubts about what’s in a particular salad – or any item for that matter – ask the staff. They’re paid to take your orders and answer any of your questions.

Get a Snack

You don’t necessarily have to get a full meal at a fast food restaurant. If you’re strapped for time and need to satisfy your hunger, order something small like a hamburger to hold you over until you can find some healthier fare. That way, you’ll limit the caloric damage but have enough in your belly to quell the hunger pangs.

Ask for Water

Instead of getting a large soda, ask for a cup of water. A large soda can contain more than 300 calories. Even a small one can do some significant damage to your waist with over 100 calories per serving. Asking for water will save you money and calories. Most places will be more than happy to oblige as long as you purchase something else, no matter how small.

About the Author: Geoffrey Anderson is editor of MenScience Magazine, a men’s skincare blog, and has more than four years of experience writing about diet and fitness.

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