How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks appear mostly on pregnant women, women who have gained or lost weight and teenagers. Stretch marks appear anywhere on your body but the most common places are on your stomach, legs, arms and breast. There are ways to get rid of stretch marks or at least lessen the appearance of them. This article will provide step by step guidelines on how to get rid of stretch marks. Here are the required tools and materials to try for best results.

Adequate Exercise

It is essential to exercise regularly to get rid of stretch marks because you’re toning your muscles. This helps your skin gain firmness as a result prevent stretch marks.

lemon juice, coco butter, and vitamin E gel are great options

Lemon juice

Lemon juice: is a regular home remedy for stretch marks. The lemon juice bleaches the adjoining skin, helping to “blend” the stretch marks in.


Coco butter is highly recommended from members of the medicine community. Coco butter can be used as a lotion or cream. Simply rub it into your skin after you shower twice a day, and massage it gently into your skin around the affected areas. Olive oil or lavender oil may also be used on your body to get rid of stretch marks.

Hot Bath

A hot bath increases circulation, so just relax in your tub and massage the areas often.


Tanning in your backyard or beach eliminates the appearance of stretch marks, so pick out your favorite swim suit and head to the beach! Well, if you are not comfortable with showing your skin at the beach just sunbathe in your own backyard with a glass of lemonade and do not forget the sunscreen!

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is far by the most expensive treatment as it is a sort of cosmetic or plastic surgery. It works by promoting the formation of collagen.

Vitamin E Gel

To use vitamin E gel, crack open vitamin E capsules and gently pat the oil onto the skin over the stretch marks on a daily basis for 2 weeks.

Vitamin C

Consuming 500 mg of Vitamin C supplements three times a day may also help in getting rid of stretch marks.

Balanced Diet

Having a balanced diet is very important. A healthy and well cared for skin has fewer stretch marks! So start throwing out your ice cream and hamburgers and stock up on fruits, vegetables, yogurt, cheese, beans, and whole wheat bread! Stick to your diet and that will lessen the chance of you being overweight, hence you keep away stretch marks, and if you already have stretch marks just follow your diet and you will see the difference.

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Tips and Warnings

  • Exercise 3-4 times per week.
  • If you are pregnant consult your doctor before you start treating your stretch marks.
  • Do not sunbathe for long hours.
  • Stick to your meal plan.

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