Organic Cacao And Camu Camu For Lasting Workout

As exercising is one of the most important aspects of life in order to maintain a healthy body, it would only make sense to make sure that there will be as little interruption as possible regarding your regular routine.

Instances like accidents, work related activities and emergency matters are of course quite out of our control, and interrupting your workout because of those is only understandable. But for causes that are within our sphere of influence, we can insure regular performance by simply modifying our meal plans a bit.

Organic Cacao and Fatigue

Among the most common causes for interrupting a regular workout schedule is that the body is too fatigued for strenuous activity to be wise. But if you are tired and sore all over and yet you still want to go ahead with your workout, one of the ways you can achieve this is through incorporating cacao products in your pre-workout meals.

Back when the Aztecs believed that Organic Cacao was an actual food of the gods, the seeds from the cacao fruit were consumed by being dried, roasted, ground and then made into a hot beverage. Through their consumption of the beverage, the Aztecs came to appreciate the invigorating effects of cacao which they believed to be magical in nature.

For science, however, the cause of cacao’s enjoyable results are less supernatural. Numerous tests done on cacao have found the presence of an astounding number of nutrients which are very essential in the optimum functioning of the body. Manganese in particular plays a huge role in the overall operation of various systems and the potent amount of antioxidants in cacao made it a great food for fighting free radicals.

When it comes to your workout, the presence of a small amount of caffeine and a substance called theobromine in Organic Cacao work together with other compounds to give you that extra boost in energy. This will allow you to continue with your routine even if you would normally be ready to drop.

For best results, you might want to go for cacao products that have raw or organic attached to them. The usual items in the market have been processed way too much which destroys most of the beneficial nutrients of the cacao. So whether you want a candy bar, smoothie powder or whatever else, raw will always give you superior benefits.

cacao is rich in antioxidants and will give you an energy boost

Camu Camu and Sickness

Another annoying factor which could affect your workout routine is becoming sick with either the common cold or the flu. Lifting heavy weights while running a high fever is ill-advised in the extreme and you could infect others if you were in a public gym. Taking precautions so that you will be less likely to get sick or taking steps in order to cure yourself as fast as possible, such as having plenty of vitamin C to boost your immune system, should therefore be a priority.

For those who have not heard of Camu Camu, it is a fruit that is harvested from very resilient trees which are found in Central America and is astoundingly abundant in vitamin C. It has the appearance of a small, red sphere similar to a cherry and the flesh has an extremely acidic taste when eaten raw. Because of this, Camu Camu is best consumed in powdered form so as to regulate the strength of the flavor. As powder, it can be added into beverages or certain recipes at an amount that would suit your preference.

If you are wondering what difference it would make if you went for an orange instead of Camu Camu to get extra vitamin C, Camu Camu has over fifty times more vitamin C than an orange. What better way to guard against sickness than to increase your defenses fifty-fold?

Organic cacoa and Camu Camu are both interesting ways to achieve a longer lasting workout.

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