Save Your Heart from Trouble: Add Whole Grains into Your Diet

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has listed heart disease as the number one cause of death, resulting to a record high of 599,413 deaths, in the US alone. This makes one to ponder how well he is taking care of his heart. If you have not thought about this yet, then it is high time you start investing time and effort understanding the best ways  to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

whole grains fight against bad cholesterol buildup

The Healthy Goodness of Whole Grains

Whole grains include products like oats, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, and teff. These are
one of your best defenses against bad cholesterol buildup in the body and a good ally in
the improvement of your digestive health and insulin regulation.

Whole grains contain rich amounts of antioxidants and flavonoids that protect the body from major illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Other nutrients contained in this food group are Vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, and selenium.

When choosing whole grains, you need to guarantee that your grains did not undergo the refining process, because that is the stage where the endosperm and nutrient rich bran is stripped off these grains. Therefore, when you stock up on your choice of grains, refrain from use of white flour and processed grain products. Instead, choose whole grains and incorporate them into your daily meals.

How to Sneak Whole Grains into your Diet

You must have realized the health benefits whole grains will offer for your body; but are you now at a loss on how to incorporate them in your daily diet? It is quite simple – just substitute it in some of your favorite snacks and food items.

  • Rather than using 100% white flour in your baking pleasures; use half of this amount and use whole grain flour as well. You can then enjoy baked cookies and muffins the healthy way. Moreover, you will enjoy the chewy texture it will bring to your daily snacks.
  • If you enjoy creating meat loaf, meatballs, or burgers, then why not sneak in three quarters of a cup of cooked brown rice or oats into your meat mixture to add minerals and heart healthy fiber in your dish?
  • In cooking your soup, add millet or barley for additional texture and most importantly your needed dose of selenium, magnesium, and fiber.
  • Those who love their chili can add quinoa into the recipe and this ancient grain will do the trick to include appropriate amount of zinc, magnesium, and selenium into your diet.
  • Salad lovers may add more nutritional value to their feast of healthy snack by sprinkling quinoa into it as well.

Stock Up on Whole Grains Now

As one can see, saving your heart from the trouble of suffering from ailments requires
very little work. It only needs your commitment and discipline. Stock up whole grains
inside your cabinet and easily mix it into your diet. It should not spoil the taste of the
cuisines you will make. Moreover, it will make it more thrilling to taste because of the
added chewiness it brings.

You are also free to experiment on your own dishes. Substitute whole grains in your
ingredients and feel the difference it will bring to your health. This also entails doing
most of the cooking for the family and refraining from dining out in fast food restaurants,
creating more time to bond with family members.

Eating healthy meals is the best way to secure your health. Make it a habit to include
whole grains into your diet and feel how it will make a difference into your system.
Begin the change today and enjoy the many benefits it will bring to you.

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