Beginning Bodybuilding Fat Loss Training for Baby Boomers

Many baby boomers would still love to go to the gym to “bulk up”. The problem is, many are discouraged. Why? The thought of being trained by a twenty-something trainer or using the treadmill beside a twenty-something gym rat is not so encouraging. Add some skeptical friends and family in the mix, plus some hard-to-keep-up weight training routines, and you’ll have a better understanding of why people in their 40s and 50s are hesitant to pursue their bodybuilding goals.

If you’re one of these baby boomers, then fret not because many gyms, fitness clubs, and trainers are now realizing this dilemma. They are currently addressing the issue one step at a time, and it all begins with a safe starting level of bodybuilding fat loss training for baby boomers.

Bodybuilding Training

One thing that you have to remember about bodybuilding training (like intensity training) is that it involves alternating periods of maximum intensity exercise and recovery. A typical beginner’s intensity training will most likely involve 30 seconds of high intensity workout then 90 to 120 seconds of rest. Since the physical threshold of a 40 or 50-year-old is no longer the same as that of a 20-year old, there will be a need for increased recovery periods. This is so injuries and muscle fatigue can be avoided.

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Recovery Period

Speaking of recovery periods, the scheduling of workouts for a baby boomer may not be the same as a twenty-something high intensity interval training (HIIT) beginner. Typical HIIT beginners are usually encouraged to train at least 3 times per week and then gradually increase the frequency as their bodies adjust to the level of workout. It may not be the same for a 40 or 50-year old beginner. It may be best to start at a once-per-week kind of training then just gradually increase it as the body adjusts to the workout.

Add Cardio

A high intensity workout is a bodybuilding fat loss training session, which means it’s designed to burn calories and consequently create muscles. Since most 40 or 50-year-old bodybuilders would like to achieve both fat loss and muscle mass increase at the same time, there may be also a need for cardio exercises. The best examples of cardio workouts are treadmill walking, outdoor biking, and indoor cycling. Beginner baby boomers can start off with 30 minutes of cardio exercises at least 2 or 3 times per week. It may be advisable if you alternate your cardio and your intensity training days to allow recovery and avoid injuries. Better yet, change your cardio workout for each session to avoid boredom. For example, if you already did 30 minutes of treadmill walking on Tuesday, do outdoor biking on Thursday.

Finally, the starting level of bodybuilding fat loss training for baby boomers must involve the use of dumbbells first. As the body adjusts to the workout, you can then move on to lifting heavier weights like barbells. Don’t forget to work with a good trainer, one who actually knows what you and your body need. Take note of these tips and reminders and you’ll soon be on your way to achieving a leaner and sexier body at the age of forty or more.

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