Attain Maximum Health through Edible Wild Food

Never before have so many individuals been enthusiastic to try new ways to attain great health. The market is saturated with new health products and methods on how to attain the level of health everyone desires, so much so it can be overwhelming. Unbeknownst to most people, they are literally walking on what will help them attain vitality – weeds in their backyard. Highly nutritious edible wild food grows everywhere and it is free.

Where to Find It

Edible wild food grows in backyards, in fields, in forests and virtually everywhere. Dandelions are the most recognizable, and many grocery stores are now stocking this ‘produce’. According to the Nutrition Data database, eating one cup of chopped dandelion leaves provides us with 112 percent of our daily intake of vitamin A. It also contains 535 percent of vitamin K, 32 percent of vitamin C and well as containing vitamins E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and most of the minerals our body requires. For those who are desperately looking to increase their Omega-3 intake, one cup of chopped dandelion provides 24.2mg.

dandelion is one example of healthy wild edible food

Common Edible Weeds

Other common edible weeds, besides dandelions, include:

Lamb’s quarters
Garlic mustard
Creeping Charlie

Better Than Typical Produce?

There are a plethora of ‘weeds’ out there that are a food source, yet over the years society decided that these were a nuisance and stopped eating them in favor of cultivated vegetables. Unfortunately, the widespread use of chemicals in farming has stripped the soil of all the nutrients that are required to grow truly healthy produce. Farms that use chemicals do fertilize, but the nutrients they replace are only a tiny fraction of what is required to grow vitamin and mineral-rich produce. Our produce is vitamin-deficient; therefore we have become vitamin-deficient. This is why far too many people are experiencing a vast array of health ailments at alarming rates; nutrient-depleted bodies fall prey to illnesses and diseases.

Be Sure

Learning what edible wild food is out there is the first step to attain a level of true vitality. Many people are (rightfully) concerned about poisonous plants and yet by comparison, edible plants prevail in numbers compared to those that can cause ill health. Collecting only those plants that can be identified with 100 percent certainty is critical, and there is another factor to keep in mind. If anyone is on prescription medications it is very important that they speak to a qualified health professional who knows about edible wild plants. Many edible wild plants are a great source of free nutritious food, but they also have medicinal values that can negatively interact with prescription medications.

The concept may seem foreign but it truly makes sense. Consuming edible wild food has always been a way of life in many countries around the world, as it was in North America for centuries. Not only will your body be reintroduced to vitamins and minerals from a natural source, attaining maximum health can be achieved.

About the Author: Karen Stephenson is a specialist in edible wild foods, a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, and one of the top ghostwriters at The Happy Guy Marketing.

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